Mouse Position Detector 1.5

Source:Canadian Mind Products

In Java, allows you to find out where the mouse in on the
screen, even when it is not over one of your apps. This has
similar function to MouseInfo.getPointerInfo in Java 1.7+.
This class will work in any version of Java.

It uses JNI and a DLL, so it only works on Windows.

You must install mouse.32.dll and mouse.64.dll somewhere on the path.

Then your programs can find out the x and y position of the
mouse, [(0, 0 is the upper left of the screen] at any time by

Point p = com.mindprod.mouse.Mouse.getWhereMouseIsOnScreen()

Java and C source included.

You can test the program by typing:

java -cp C:\ com.mindprod.mouse.Mouse

Where C:\ in where you installed the com/mindprod/mouse

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